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ivo.nu :: weblog

waar is ivo nu?

Ivo Janssen
23 June
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About me. I moved to Austin because I like the US, but you can often find me ranting about how Europe is better than the States. I'm really happy here, but when I'm back for a trip, I get homesick. I'm a right-wing capitalist in the Netherlands, but a socialist here in the US. I'm a geek myself, but geekgirls are a turn-off. I like homebrewing and good beers, but in a sportsbar I order a Bud Light. I like Linkin Park, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, but my guilty pleasure is cranking up Britney really loud in my car. I think of myself of one of the happiest, positive persons I know, yet, I can have really scary outbursts on IRC. I'm only 5'6" (1.68m), but I drive a 3600lbs 4.6l V8 car. I thought I'd never write any personal stuff in my journal, yet I just wrote this 'about me' mini-bio.