Ivo Janssen (ivo) wrote,
Ivo Janssen

Photo album announcement

My full photo album at http://ivo.nu/photos, all 10,000+ pictures in 300 albums, are now behind an authentication box, as to deter any random joe on the internet to see all my family pics.  The great thing is that I don't have to send out any username/passwords, as the authentication dialog has the login information right there, that is, if you know even the slightest thing about me, you can log through with no issues.

I also set all Lucas's youtube videos to "unlisted" so that my boy's cute little antics won't show up in anyone's side bar searches.  But they're still visible from http://lucasjanssen.net/videos and that's OK.

Just a little bit more privacy at the request of my significant others.

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